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In 2015 Ta Ann Tasmania opened its new plywood plant with an installed capacity of 24,000m3/year to produce a premium grade, zero-emission product sold in the Australian market under the brand TPLY.

TPLY products include structural plywood and formply aimed primarily at the construction industry and higher quality ply is used for interior design and architectural applications.

When at full production the Smithton plywood plant will inject about $20 million a year into the local economy.  The mill currently provides jobs for 40 FTE in regional Tasmania, some of whom were previously unemployed.  Employment numbers are expected to grow when mill production increase to cater for more market demand.

Ta Ann continues to invest in research and development of new products. Future growth in veneer and plywood production will come from private forests and plantation log supplies.

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What is TPLY?

TPLY+™ ,100% Tasmanian made plywood products are nationally recognised for their quality thanks to the premium Australian raw materials, reputable machineries and closely monitored production processes.

TPLY+™ Plywood  is sustainably  manufactured in Tasmania  using Responsible Wood ™ Chain of Custody , PEFC certified Tasmanian Eucalyptus ( Tassie Oak).

In addition, TPLY+™ products are independently monitored for specified quality parameters by Australian authority: Engineered Wood Products Association of Australia (EWPAA). TPLY+™ products are certified to AS6669:2016 (Formply standard) and AS/NZS2269:2012 (Structural standard). TPLY+™ plywood comes with A bond and Emission  Class Super E0.

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Credit to Valley Workshop

Please click here for Valley Workshop – testimony of using of TPLY:

Valley Workshop is using TPLY as the outer skin and internal grillage system for the Valley Workshop Structural Insulated Panels (eSIPs). This is value adding to the supply chain and creating a market for sustainably managed Tasmanian log products processed into veneers and plywood by Ta Ann Tasmania. Valley Workshop is using their eSIP panels for residential buildings throughout Tasmania with scope for branching into mainland markets

TPLY in use

TPLY Form is a high quality plywood panel produced predominantly from graded Eucalyptus hardwood and or combination with softwood veneers. These are glued with phenol formaldehyde resin and overlaid with a hard durable resin impregnated paper to give concrete a smooth finish. With a durable A-Type marine bond,it’s hard phenolic surface and high quality hardwood outer veneers make it durable and reusable when used in conjunction with good practice use of plywood for formply.

TPLY Form gives builders a better surface for pouring concrete and offers a class 2 finish on the first pour (when used in accordance with AS 3610 recommendations).

TPLY Structural Plywood is a strong, durable panel which is suitable for use in structural and non-structural applications, Square Edge plywood, flooring in residential, commercial and industrial applications. TPLY is available in a range of sizes and thicknesses, also comes with a plastic tongue to form a tongue and groove joint between sheets.

Frenchman’s Cap Walkers Hut Project

Hobart Women’s Shelter Project

On behalf of the Hobart Women’s Shelter, I would like to thank Ta Ann for their generous contribution to our recent project. With their donation of high-quality plywood, we have successfully completed the construction of our first two homes, which are designed according to the Trauma-Informed Design Principles laid out by Sam Donnely at the University of Technology.

This significant contribution not only helped in materialising the architectural vision but also ensured that these spaces are safe, welcoming, and healing for the women and children. The warmth and natural beauty of the wood contribute significantly to the serene and supportive environment we aim to create, making a real difference in the lives of women who will call these houses their home.

Their involvement exemplifies true community spirit and sets a worthy example for corporate responsibility.

Thank you, Ta Ann, from all of us at the Hobart Women’s Shelter, and more importantly, from those who benefit the most – the women and their children who find refuge and a new beginning within these walls.

Janet Saunders, CEO, Hobart Women’s Shelter.


TPLY Formply AS 6669:2016

1800 x 120017mm, 19mm, 25mmF14, F17, F22
2400 x 120017mm, 19mm, 25mmF17, F22

TPLY Structural AS/NZS 2269:2012

1800 x 12007mm,9mm,12mm, 15mm,17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 25mmDD, CD, CC, BD,CD-T&GF8,F11,F17, F22
2400 x 12007mm,9mm,12mm, 15mm,17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 25mmDD, CD, CC, BD,CD-T&GF8,F11,F17, F22

Available untreated, and H2S & H2 glueline treated.

Moisture ContentToleranceAdhesivesFormadelhyde EmissionOff-form FinishCertificationMSDS Facts Sheet
As per AS/NZS 2269 (not less than 8% or more than 15%)As per AS/NZS 2369-2008Phenol formaldehyde (AS/NZS 2754.1) -Type AE0Suitable for Class 2 and Class 3EWPAA. Chain of Custody AS4707MSDS 2016


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Manufactured in Australia by Ta Ann Tasmania, all TPLY is certified under the EWPAA product certification scheme to meet to meet AS/NZS 6669. All products carry the EWPAA stamp of accreditation to the relevant Australian and New Zealand Standards under a JAS-ANZ accredited, third party audited quality control program that is internationally recognised.

Click Here for EWPAA and PEFC Certification

Made in Australia

Australian products have been manufactured locally to meet our high Australian standards. They come with warranties, the supplier is just a phone call away.
That means you can have confidence in the quality and know that whatever you are buying hasn’t travelled around the world before it reaches your home.

It’s good for family and friends

There is a direct correlation between consumer purchasing behaviour and employment, local economic development and prosperity. When you buy Australian-made and grown products, you can be sure you are keeping your family members and friends employed



TPLY products are certified under Responsible Wood and PEFC sustainable forest certification schemes. These schemes ensure sustainable forest certification, guaranteeing that forest products are sourced sustainably – socially just, ecologically sound and economically viable.

Responsible Wood and PEFC sustainable forest certification schemes assure consumers that products with our labels have met strict requirements for timber harvesting and the sourcing of wood products.

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